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Intuitive & Transformational Core Therapy

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David O’Quinn has worked as an intuitive practitioner for over 30 years. David started doing Tarot readings at age sixteen. His form of intuitive practice has changed to reflect the new energy currently available for all of us to tap into. Since 2012, energy is readily available for your own intuitive growth and insight making self - mastery more attainable. When you work with David in a session, his focus will be on developing your intuitive resources that your own Self seeks to reveal. You are a Body of Consciousness. In this you are whole and complete - sovereign.
For years David offered channeled readings where he connected to his collective council as guidance for each session. It became clear that his work needed to change to honor the mastery in each of us.

Suggestions for your session:
Intuitive sessions can be used for personal self growth through:
-Personal Empowerment/Self-Mastery
-Recognizing your Soul's Signature
-Connecting to Creative Potentials
-Clearing blocks to prosperity & relationships

Tarot Card Readings are available as a visual experience to assist you in both seeking clarity and learning to develop your own intuitive insights.

Soul Matrix Integration
is a unique offering channeled through David in 1987. The Soul Matrix is held within the Soul Chakra which lies deep in the body between the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. If you are by chance familiar with Human Design, the Soul Chakra is the Magnetic Monopole behind the "G" center.
The Soul Matrix is the Divine Blueprint held within the nucleus of the Soul Chakra. The nucleus contains the essence of your Soul anchored within. Surrounding the nucleus are aspects, life experiences and potentials waiting to be lived. The reading uses two Tarot card decks. The Crowley deck brings to light where the Soul's growth is currently focused. The second deck of cards, the Voyager deck, often gives direction or potentials for healing or guidance. Some Core Therapy may be a part of your session to facilitate an ongoing connection to this energy and for integration.

Transformational Core Therapy
It is a critical time in our transformational evolution to be as clear as possible. The body can store emotionally charged patterns or strongly held beliefs that can make it difficult to break away from repeating certain patterns in (for example) relationships or issues with money. Core patterns can also play a role in chronic pain and the bodies inability to heal. These patterns are often either adaptive strategies we have learned to navigate our world and/or they can be genetic patterns either from former life experiences or ones we have inherited. Core Transformational Therapy is a deep dive into these pattern(s) or issues making this an interactive process. In our mastery it is important to integrate our unresolved or energy depleting issues that are left as unresolved.

What You Can Expect “I started practicing energy and transformational therapy as a professional in 1983. My intention is to create the experience you are looking for based on my experience and intuitive awareness. I will always take time at the beginning of your session to assess your goals or intentions. I believe we co-create the experience. Part of my goal in the session is to connect you with your ability to receive your own answers. Your session is interactive which facilitates you to self-awareness and empowers you. As a professional, what you discover or experience in your session stays in your session.”
The healing space is a comfortable, clean room in David’s studio. If you want to record the session please bring a recording device. The iPhones have a built in application that works well for recording.

If you would like to make an appointment please
call David at 808 634-3004 or email to KauaiHealer@me.com. Phone consults are also available for those living off island.